Allergy's ~ Bee Stings ~ Ect! 

This drug is commonly used in dogs for the following reasons:

  Insect and flea bites
  Irritation of the skin
  Sleeplessness in dogs
  Effects of vaccinations
  Motion sickness
  Stings from bees, hornets as well as wasps
  Inhalant allergies
  Stuffy nose
  Tremors of the muscles
  Bodily knots

Benadryl is known to be a highly effective drug mostly due to the fact that it is easily absorbed and therefore acts very fast. In most cases, its effects are seen after about thirty minutes. However, in some cases it has been known to take about one week before any notable results can be seen.
Benadryl Dosage for Dogs:

The right dosage of this medication is usually determined in two different ways as indicated below:

  It is administered by giving 1 milligram for every pound of a dog’s weight after every 8 hours or three times per day. A good example would be, a dog weighing 40lb should take 40mg of Benadryl three times within a single day.

Dogs are grouped according to three different weight classes with the dosage varying between these weight categories. What remains constant is the fact that the medication may be taken up to three times a day as needed. The following are the categories:

- Dogs weighing 30 pounds and below – 10-30mg

- Between 30 and 50 pounds – 25-50mg

- 50 pounds and above – 50mg

As previously stated, it is clear to see that a dosage of Benadryl is highly dependent on a dog’s weight. As an individual who owns a dog for pet, it is highly advisable for you to first take your dog to a certified vet who has the right kind of knowledge and expertise when it comes to administering the right Benadryl dosage for dogs. Taking anything less of a full dose will not help in any way while taking an overdose is considered to be quite dangerous. A veterinarian will also be able to conclude on the right frequency when it comes to administering the drug. This can either be after every four, eight or even twelve hours. More importantly the vet will also ask various probing questions which will help him come to a conclusion as to whether or not your pet dog is suffering from an allergic reaction or something totally different.
Benadryl dosage for dogs and how to administer it:

Administering this medication to your pet dog can be done in different ways:

  Position the table or capsule into small pieces of meat
  Liquid gel capsules cab be dipped into a delicious treat

This drug can also be administered in the form of an injection although it is not so common. The importance of consulting with your vet before using this medication should never be overlooked.

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