Health Care Schedule  

To The best of our knowledge your puppy is in good health at the time of purchase and has been started on permanent inoculations. Your puppies immune system is not fully developed until he/she is 12 weeks old and has completed his/her series of puppy shots. Therefore, we strongly urge you to take the following precautions: 

1. Visits to the vet: Never put your puppy on the floor or the ground outside the clinic ( carry your puppy or use a pet carrier ). Ask the vet staff to disinfect the exam table ( in your presence ) before you set your puppy down for his/her exam. I know this may sound overly cautious but there are alot of sick animals visiting the vet. 

2. Dog parks, pet shops,puppy preschool and areas where other dogs of unknown health may have visited, should be off limits until your puppy has completed his/her series of puppy shots.

Please provide your dog with proper diet, exercise, shelter, routine vet care and educate yourself on proper training techniques, dangers to your pet and nutrition - we are available to answer any questions you may have, but are not to replace your vet. 

Before your puppy came home.....

Dewclaws removed at 3 days old.

Regular worming was done at  4 & 6 weeks old.


Your puppy received it's first vaccation 1 of 3 at  7 weeks of age.

Your part....

Booster shots are recommended at  10 &  13 weeks.
Yearly boosters are recommended.

Until your puppy is fully vaccinated, we recommend that you avoid public parks and pet shops with your puppy. This means do not let your pup touch noses with a pup of unknown origin at the pet shop, do not put your pup down to have a "potty stop" outside the vet's office (where ALL the sick dogs have been)! 

Rabies vaccination is normally done at 5-6 months - earlier if you live or travel in rural 
areas, with a higher population of skunks (the main rabies carrier). Booster after 1 year 
and then every 2 years after that.

Heartworm medication from your vet is given monthly during mosquito season.

Spaying & neutering is done at 5- 6 months.



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